Major focus of our Ladakh design studio is to co-work with local artisans and promote Ladakh Pashmina sourced from Changthang- The upper Himalayan region. Our Products and services includes-

  • Pashmina range in apparel and accessories to promote sustainable fashion.

  • Training workshops for local artisans and the nomads living in Changthang region of The Great Himalayas.

  • Custom tour of our Pashmina trail in protected areas with special permissions for our clients.

  • Promotion of Ladakh art, craft, culture & tourism.

Ladakh "land of high passes" (Ladakhi: ལ་དྭགས la'dwags ; Hindi: लद्दाख ; Urdu: لَدّاخ‎) is a land of  snow capped peaks with plenty of sunshine and it is a cold desert lying in the rain shadow of the Great Himalayas. It’s is located in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir with Leh as its capital. Ladakh is a separate province of the State of Jammu and Kashmir lies between two higher mountain ranges, the Himalayas in the south and the Karakoram in the north. This land of peaks and passes is situated at a distance of 2,500m above sea level, with passes as high as 4,000 to 6,000m. The average minimum temperature goes down to -40 degree C in winters.

Ladakh has a vast cultural heritage comprised of tradition, architecture, monastic fairs and festivals. The people of Ladakh are predominantly Buddhist and several important Buddhist monasteries (Gompas) dominate the region. These are places of worship and have a wealth of artefacts. Ladakh is also known as the land of Mystic Lamas. The Indus river is the back bone of Ladakh. The mountains are painted in unusual colors that only nature could choose. Only adventure lovers are recommended to visit Ladakh. Its a real Trekker's Paradise.